This blog was created February 8th 2012.

About Me
It was around 2006 when I started to pickup my hobby photography again. First I only submitted images to contest and sharing websites. Then I started my first website Henrik Lehnerer Photography. This was also when I created my first Zazzle store, but I only created a few products and then I forgot about Zazzle. In January 2008 was my start in the microstock photography world. I also started to create numerous websites and blog about it:

And many more. Something that I am also proud of is the creation of my iPhone app PhotoInfos. I created the Flickr group "Photo Infos" for photographer to share their best images.

In January 2011 I stumbled over my Zazzle account, and found that I had generated a few sales. Also some of my online stock photography friends reported sales at Zazzle. So I decided to expand my Zazzle store Henrik Lehnerer Photography Zazzle Store. Later in 2011 I became a Zazzle Pro Seller.

About This Blog
The blog "Amazing Zazzle" is to showcase the Zazzle TBA designs, any other amazing Zazzel designs that I find, and of course my own Zazzle designs. I hope you will enjoy browsing this blog, following it, and maybe even find one or some design that you like to buy.

Thank you!
Henrik Lehnerer

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